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Today is 20,Jan,2018
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Taiwan-based SP Succulent and Botanical Nursery (SPN) specializes in all aspects of succulent breeding and propagation. SPN has created thousands of varieties from its vast collections of hybrids seed from supreme stock plants, and produces Haworthia that is the pride of many popular international collections.
C.J. Su, founder of SPN, is a professional plant collector and hybridizer/breeder in Taiwan. In the past decades, Su has propagated and created thousands of succulents and hybrids from seeds, especially Haworthia cooperi/obtusa, truncata, picta and splendens. His work on Haworthia cooperi/obtusa breeding is most impressive, and he has created some of the most beautiful cooperi hybrids that are prized by discerning collectors in Japan and around the world.
This plants in this page showcases the passionate, life-long work of C.J. Su. The nursery propagates and offers seedlings or offsets of these beautiful stock plants you see in this page. We also offer special 0xed s... [Details]
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